GMS Logistics
GMSLogistics, through its partnership with InXpress and DHL is a foremost provider of innovative freight solutions. The groundbreaking relationship with DHL, the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, has allowed InXpress to revolutionise the way forward for all your express shipping needs.

Whilst InXpress manages the sales, account management and receivables areas of the business – the logistics operation is entirely handled by DHL – from pick up to final delivery.
Because of our special relationship with DHL and associated companies we are able to offer our SME customers discounted rates representing considerable savings to our low to medium volume customers. As a low volume shipper, it would be difficult for you to achieve these rate reductions through a direct relationship with our competitors.

As an InXpress customer we are able to offer even our most low volume shippers an on line automated ordering, collection, tracking and account management tool called "Webship". This tool is unique in its capabilities and makes the relationship with InXpress simple, effective and delivers total "peace of mind".

DHL's worldwide reach to more than 220 countries and territories combined with InXpress' reputation for flexibility, customer service and value makes this relationship a powerful combination for business shippers that is simply not available anywhere else. Talk to InXpress about your express shipping needs. At InXpress, we deliver, you save.