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GMService is an online Table Management System, specifically developed for restaurants that require a robust, scalable and easy-to-use front end system that supports and optimises the processes of Reservation Management, Table Management, Guest Management and Customer Marketing.

GMService manages both online and offline reservations and incorporates the following key functions:

Reservation Management

  • Waiting list and no show function, allowing tables to be turned over and re-assigned during meal times

Table Management

  • Create multiple restaurant layout templates, including by meal period
  • Allocate tables for online bookings from your website

Guest Management

  • Creation, storage and retrieval of customer profiles, booking history and preferences

Customer Marketing

  • Integrated SMS functionality, allowing for automatic or manual confirmation of reservations to mobile phone
  • Integrated e-mail functionality, allowing for campaign marketing for selected customers

A full suite of daily, weekly and monthly reservation reports helps analyse performance and identify opportunities. All reports are fully customisable to exact specifications.

GMService runs off any computer and does not require specific hardware to be installed, making it the most cost effective solution in the market.